The bulging chin (prognathism)

People with a pronounced mandible can boast of good musculature and a strong skeleton, but also a tendency to fullness. If the jaw is symmetrical, then this is exactly a gift from one of the parents or ancestors.

Skewed chin (retrognathism)

The retreating jaw, on the contrary, speaks of a weakly developed musculature, but of a flexible skeleton and a lack of propensity to fullness, as well as a predisposition to color blindness. At birth, the owners of such a chin have less weight. Symmetrical chamfered chin is also a hereditary trait.

Asymmetrical jaw

Asymmetry of the jaw is not a congenital, but an acquired trait. It appears due to body stress in childhood, for example, lack of protein, early weaning, heavy metals, obesity and smoking. The reason may be a large family or a low level of income, which could affect the nutrition or quality of medical care.

Asymmetric may be bulging and beveled chin. According to the results of the study, such a chin was found in every 4-th "subject". Weak asymmetry is not visible to the naked eye, of course, if you are not an orthodontist. But there are ways to check yourself. So, you have an asymmetrical jaw structure, if:

  • You chew more with your right or left side;
  • Teeth you crush more, but do not grind food;
  • Dental plaque appears stronger on some teeth;
  • Sometimes gums bleed.
  • Symmetrical smooth chin

    The symmetrical flat structure of the jaw, according to the results of the study, indicates that this is a completely inherited trait, which was not influenced by external factors and the environment.