1. Try to keep calm

Dogs, like some other animals really feel human fear. Of course, just go and calm down when near barking aggressive dog, is quite difficult. To get started is to stop clapping, waving your arms and trying to escape. These actions will be given your anxiety, and the dog will receive a direct signal to attack.

2. Slow your steps

If the dog will be in your way while running, immediately reduce your speed. Slowly turn the other way and continue to proceed slowly, watching her peripheral vision. The faithful will stay motionless, arms stretched along the body. So you will no longer seem attractive prey for animal.

3. Do not look into the eyes of an animal

Direct eye contact with the dog can intensify its aggression. Such a view the animal perceives as a threat to his own life, and because the first attack. The dog should be kept in sight, watching him from side. Then he will understand that you are not dangerous, and soon will pass.

4. Distract the dog

In this situation can help you any thing that can find near you Give your dog a shoe, a bottle or a backpack - all that he could bite. As long as the animal is busy you will be able leave quietly, to avoid the consequences.

5. Give the dog a command: "Back!"

If the dog continues to show aggression, turn around to his face, while continuing to look slightly to the side, and tell him to leave. It is important that your voice at this moment was confident and authoritative, but in any case, not passing into a scream. Are effective command, "No!" And "Back!" spoken with forceful tone. After hearing them, the dog will feel the force, scared and step aside.