You probably use headphones during all day: when you go to work or home, or at work. Likely you are not thinking about, is it clean enough, when you pull it out of the bag or pocket next time.

Headphones can pass different bacterias from a person to a person when you give your headphone for using to other person. As a outcome, it can create ear infection. Obviously, you have to keep them clean, but how? You can not just wash the headphone in the dishwasher.

There are some advices:

  • To clean the suitable you can use soap mixed in warm water. It is not necessary to apply "heavy artillery". You can also take some dishwashing cleanser to wash it.
  • Use a soft piece of material and a little water mixed with liquid soap. If you will put a lot of the soap, it will leave marks on your headphones, much more will affect them a lot of water, as you have guessed already. Also you can use little hydrogen peroxide after washing soap solution .
  • If inside of earphone on metal surface is stockpiled a lot of dust or dirt, try to sweep the place by old toothbrush.
  • If the earphones have a removable part of silicone, take it off and wash separately.
  • Do not submerge the earphones into the water, even for a second. If it will happen, it can damage the wiring. Do not forget, before start to clean the earphones it has to be disconnected from the device.
  • There is easiest and most portable way to clean or disinfect your earphone after somebody used it, use alcohol swabs, easy and quickly to do it.

How often do you clean your earphones?