Castor oil!

Castor oil is obtained from Castor-oil plants - the plants of the family of euphorbia. Like all the milkweed, the castor oil juice is toxic. Therefore, the process of collecting raw materials for castor oil is complicated and unsafe.

Why, it calls castor oil? "Castor" - in the translation "beaver". These animals are found in large numbers in Canada. The country of beavers - the so-called it in the century before last. Quicksilver oil for some time actively received exactly there. Hence, probably, the name. It is interesting that castor was originally called only cold-pressed oil.

Castor oil is an inexpensive natural herbal remedy with a long shelf life, which is available in every pharmacy.


Castor oil has amazing and effective properties. It began to be used in cosmetology for a very long time. Castor oil is invaluable as masks for the care of hair, eyelashes, eyebrows.

It is also used for skin care. Feature of castor oil is that it does not dry out, does not form a film and is very easily absorbed by the skin.

Castor oil fights well with fine wrinkles, nourishes and softens dry and sensitive skin.

For a month of constant use, you can already see positive results, although even the next day the skin becomes smoother and straighter . It is well suited for the care of the skin of the eyelids, on which small wrinkles are first formed, used for the growth of eyelashes.

Oil removes cysts, warts, scars, and other growths on the skin. A perfect remedy for cracked skin. Strengthens hair growth and improves their appearance.

Application: as an additive - 10%. In its pure form, it is not recommended to use it except in certain cases.

Turkish red castor oil (sulfated castor oil) can be used as a base in bath mixes. It dissolves in water and does not leave an oil ring on the bath.

Wrinkles under the eyes.

Lightly heat a teaspoon over the fire, move it away from the fire, pour oil into it and allow it to warm up a little. Warmed oil smears around the eyes .

Be careful: the oil must be hot enough to put up a finger. Otherwise, you can burn sensitive skin. If this procedure is carried out two to three times a month, you can get rid of many shallow wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones. Oils should be used little a bit.


Daily application of oil with a brush (use a brush from the mascara, previously well washed) will help to become eyelashes long, thick and fluffy.

Wrinkles on the face.

It is necessary a small amount of castor oil, slightly warmed (warm as well as in the prescription for eyelids) to put on massage lines on the face and slightly to massage. After two hours, remove the excess by cotton swab. Castor oil, used as a base, and essential oils can be added to obtain a greater effect.

You can also enrich the cream

1-2 drops of essential oil immediately before use. With regular application, the skin will become noticeably softer, the complexion will improve. Castor oil can clog pores, so during this course you need to do pilling every 10 days.

Castor oil is the enemy of warts.

They disappear without a trace, if castor oil is rubbed into warts at night and in the morning. Do this for at least ten minutes, so that the oil absorbed well into the skin. You can also remove pigment spots and small moles. Although with the latter, it is better to consult a doctor. Here, self-medication can be dangerous.

Strengthening of hair:

Two tablespoons of onion juice is mixed with 2 tablespoons of castor oil. The mixture is rubbed into the roots of the hair and wrapped around the head, with a plastic bag and a terry towel, for 30-40 minutes.

Take equal parts of Castor oil, juice of fresh lemon and alcohol. Mix in clean dishes, and store in a dark place. To smear for the night hair roots, the next morning to wash out a head with shampoo. This recipe helps even with the beginning of baldness.

With dry dandruff, you can recommend the following composition: 2 tbsp. Spoons of tincture of calendula, 2 tbsp. Spoons of castor oil. Stir, rub into the scalp. For 20-30 minutes.

Oil mask - mix 1: 1: 1 castor oil, vegetable (sunflower) refined oil and shampoo. Rub into the roots of the hair before washing, and apply the leftovers to the tips of the hair. Leave for 20-40 minutes. Wash off in soapy shampoo.

With abundant hair loss, the following recipe is also suitable: castor oil mixed equally with medical alcohol. Apply to hair roots. After 1-2 hours wash the head. Rinse with acidified water. It is done this way: in the rinse water, juice of 1/2 lemon is squeezed out or 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar are added.

Note: flushing oil off hair is difficult, but possible. Necessarily with the help of shampoo. Wash your head after the procedure especially carefully.


Do not use during pregnancy:

Storage: 1-2 years. Store in a tightly closed dark container. After opening, store only in the refrigerator.

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